Need a ring (preferably wood) for toddler tank

Hey knitters,

What commercial stores carry this sort of thing (see subject line)? I’m making Knit and Tonic’s Short Snort Girlfriend Tank. It calls for a 2-inch diameter wooden (or plastic) ring/square. It’s going to attach to the center front and the straps from the back. Do you think JoAnn’s has something like this? Michael’s doesn’t – at least the one in my area doesn’t. Doesn’t macrame use a lot of wooden rings? Besides JoAnn’s, can you think of other major chains that carry these rings?

Thanks! :heart:

I would try JoAnn’s or an upholstery shop. Looks as if it could be a curtain ring.

I don’t know if you have them in your area, but we have AC Moore here- they might have it. Good luck!!

:happydance: that is so cute!! I love all her little girl patterns… I just finished up the swing coat… have the shrug printed out and now this… lmk where ya find the hoop :lol: :thumbsup:

They have a faux tortoiseshell one, looks like it is sold out on line, but the local stores may have them.

We do have AC Moore here. It’s about as close as the JoAnn’s. I’ll have to try one/both of those stores. Right now I’m working on Reid from Knitty. So, when I’m done with that, I’ll work on the tank.

Oh, by the way… hee, hee :happydance: . I bought some more yarn to make more summer tanks/tops. I got Cotton Tots, LB Microspun, and Patons Grace.

I saw the smaller one at Hancock’s today. They may have the larger one as well,it was near all the purse making accessories. Let me know if thats the only one, I can pick it up for ya. :slight_smile:

Jackie that is the cutest top! I love it! It’s definately going in the summer knitting list. I love having four girls to knit for! (Three are mine and the other is my niece)

And the clover ring is much skinnier then the bamboo one shown in the picture.

Thanks for offering :wink: , but I’m really curious to see for myself what assortment they offer at JoAnn’s and AC Moore. I might get more than one kind because I plan on making a few tanks this summer. You’ll have to post pics of yours when you finish! Are you going to use the Katia Jamaica yarn or a substitute? I had trouble finding the specific color she used, and I need to put a hold on my yarn purchases. So, I’m using some of the following yarns to do that tank and possibly my own: KP Sparkles in Sunset and Lagoon, Cotton Tots in Sunshine, LB Microfiber in Mango and Mocha, and Patons Grace in Taupe and Azure.

I don’t have an abundant cotton stash (only Cotton Tots in Sweet Dreams, I must have 20 balls of that), so I’ll have to buy something. However I may do one or two in the blue or pink cotton tots as well.

I got three major Celebrate with Candace holidays coming up. Mothers day, my anniversary, and my birthday, so if I want any new yarn I gotta figure out how to work this.

I made the same top for DD last week. I’m going to add a skirt at the bottom and make it a dress. I’ll post a pic once I get around to doing that.
I found rings at Joann, but it was a LONG search. I went everywhere, and even then I ended up buying rings that were kinda-sorta what I wanted.
Good luck. Oh, look through the purse-making section. I found all sorts of rings there, just none that were what I was looking for.