Need a really, really good sock pattern

For the Regia Cotton Surf stuff I got. I think the gauge is about 7sts/inch. Thx in advance…

I should have mention the yarn is self striping…whoops!

There are zillions of great patterns!!!

HERE are only a few great sock patterns :wink:
What are u looking for, exactly?!
And some more
If you join this sock group you can get some SPECTACULAR patterns :wink:

Hey, here’s my second try at this reply, Rebecca.

I really like your sock pattern. Is it possible to do without the loopies? Really love them, but I think right now I want some sox that will stand up to lots of washing AND that aren’t so exicting so my little one doesn’t lay claim to them, lolol.

If that’s not possible I want something pretty, durable, simple and that will keep my feet blocked from the AC!

Girl, u mean just regular ribbed socks? You can follow my pattern & just do the 2x2 or 3x3 or whatever ribbing that you want & just fold them down…is this what u r looking for? Or do you want short ones that you don’t have to fold? You can choose the length of the leg & when u r happy with it just continue with the rest of the pattern for the heel…foot, etc…does this make sense?!
You can follow Silver’s class, I’m sure & do the same thing.
I seldom follow sock patterns, rather play with the leg & do the foot in simple St st bc it feels best in shoes to me.

And, this episode of our fave “knitty gritty” helped me with socks more than anything. The notes that Karen Baumer has written on the last page are very, very helpful & were not in the show.

Thanks Rebecca, I’ll give your ideas a try. Love that KG episode, those were the first socks that I ever knit. I think tho, the gauge is off for the yarn that I have. REALLY don’t feel like changing the pattern that much, hehe.

Okay, if you read her hints on the last page it will explain how to get the correct cast on # for your foot. It’s basically gauge x inches around the ball of your foot less approx 10% so that they will be snug…then either increase or decrease the # of sts to be divisible by 4 if u r doing 2x2 ribbing.
Example: gauge 8sts=1in
Ball of foot: 8in circumference
64-6=58 increase to 60 or decrease to 56 to be divisible by 4 if doing 2x2 ribbing

Wow, thanks Rebecca!

You are welcome :wink: I am pleased to have been of service, ma’am :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: