Need a Project

Good Morning,
I was given this beautiful 2 ply yarn that is 150 yds long. I would use a size 1.5 or 2. Does anyone have a pattern for this amount of yarn. I would be so appreciatative.

Thanking you in advance.


Sounds like a lovely gift. Have you tried an advanced pattern search on Ravelry? You can specify yarn weight and amount. You can further narrow the search down by other parameters too (hats, scarves, mitts, etc.).

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Thank you. I haven’t gone into advanced search. The yarn is gorgeous and I know how it will drape. Just need the project.
Happy 2022!

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Knitters on the forum have completed lots of lovely knit gifts for the holidays so there will certainly be more suggestions for projects. Have fun whatever you decide to do and please post a photo when you finish!

Is your yarn listed in Ravelry? I like to go into their projects for my yarn, if I am stumped :thinking: