Need a pattern to fit my yarns

I have nothing on the needles :pout: please help. I’m currently awaiting a fantastic shipment of yarn, but until then I just have these:
Berroco Cotton Twist
Classic Elite Flash

I bought 4 skeins of each for a different project back before I understood yarn weights. The bad news was they didn’t work for my project, the good news… instant stash!

I really want to knit some tonight, but I don’t have any project ideas or patterns in my queue that call for yarn like this. Do you guys have any ideas?

The original projects were for my friends little girls, so the colors kinda suite them. Something for kids would be nice, but I also love the colors (why would I buy them if I didn’t right) so I wouldn’t mind a project that I got to make for me.:lol:

ooops. posted in wrong spot. sorry.

The website you’re on now has patterns, you can also go to Free, and Lion Brand has a lot of patterns as well. I hope I’ve steered you in the right direction.

I found this pattern and got excited about it earlier, but since my skeins don’t have as much yardage as Sugar’n Cream, I don’t think I have enough yarn :frowning:

Maybe this pursewould be do-able

Cotton is also nice for hats (chemo hats, too, if you want to give some away). Personally, I prefer to crochet hats since dpns often make me :wall: I use them only when it’s really really necessary.

Try or this site:

The Drops site, you can put in the gauge of the yarn you have and it will show you a page with the patterns it has that match the gauge.

Hope this helps! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the hat idea. It inspired me to keep looking, and I think I’m going to try and make the Clapotis Cap