Need a pattern PLEASE HELP!


I have been knitting now for about 4 years. I only do flat knitting however, and only use 2 needles.

I bought at a yard sale, some above the knee slipper socks. I love them. They are so warm and gorgeous with a pair of jeans!

However, I’ve had them (and they were used) for 6 years now, and it’s time to either find more, or make my own. I would love to make my own (endless supply of colors, etc). I have Googled many patterns for these slipper boots, but they are either using rounded needles, or have cable decor, etc. I can’t find a pattern for just simple stitch, over the knee, nothing extravagant, flat knitted boots (I don’t mind having to sew in the seam in the back, I do it with beanies and baby booties already).

I have included a picture of the slipper boots I am referring to. I don’t care about all the decor stitching, but I would prefer them above the knee.

Does anyone have a flat knit, simple stitch slipper sock pattern? Or anyone willing to create one for me? I know the more experienced knitters make their own patterns. I am willing to paypal a fee if it is necessary.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (The sole that is used are the one’s that are bought at craft stores that you put holes in and weave the yarn through).

Thank you to all!



Here’s a pattern that is knit flat:

There are a couple more on the Ravelry search page too.


I’ve had these in my queue for a while but haven’t gotten around to them yet. All of her patterns are quick and easy. I’m sure they can easily be modified to go above the knee!


Thank you for the link. These are close but there are no soles.

I honestly, after searching Google and these forum pages of multiple groups and not finding what I need, I would rather pay someone to just make me a pattern. I know people make patterns all the time, and since I’m willing to pay whatever fee they want, it shouldn’t be that hard to find someone willing to make a pattern.

Thank you!


Those are really, really cute! I can see why you want more. It sounds like you’re by your straight needles like I am about my circular needles. I just recently began using double point needles out of desperation to crank out beret’s for Christmas gifts. I was terrified of them & avoided any pattern that even suggested doubled points. However, I’m so glad I finally got the nerve up to try them. They are so easy to use. They’re like using markers. I could knit a beret in a day! Can’t ask for better than that. I even went crazy & knitted my tiny Yorkie a sweater! I am now the proud owner of double point needles in almost every size! What I’m getting at is this, don’t be afraid to try new things. Knitting socks is a lot harder than using double point needles & I would hate to attempt making a pair without them. The socks you have were knitted on double points if the were homemade. Now, if you want to continue to knit with only straights, that’s okay. There is a pattern on Pinterest from ‘notanartist’ named “Simple 2-Needle Slipper Socks.” This pattern can be simply altered to be as long as you want. Whatever your decision, best luck! Happy knitting!!!


The problem I have is that I am a fulltime home school mom of a hight functioning autistic 12 yr old, licensed nail technician, and full time baker. The only day I really have “off” to do anything I WANT to do is on Sunday (some Sundays lol). So I really need a pattern that is flat knit on 2 straight needles and I can just sew up the back like I do beanies and baby booties. Just a basic stockinette stitch, nothing fancy.

The boots I posted aren’t mine, it’s an image off Google like the ones I am referring to. I found this image as well…It has the suede soles that you use and buy from craft stores like Michael’s.

Thank you!victoria's%20secret%20sock%20boots vs%20socks


I provided more pictures of the socks…I knit beanies, baby booties, baby hats all on straight needles. I’ve never had a problem with it…

I know there are people out there who make patterns and since I am willing to pay, it shouldn’t be very difficult for a pattern to be made.

I’m going to put an ad out for someone to make me a pattern on Etsy…

I got the money, and people make patterns. Money talks…don’t know why I am having such a hard time getting a pattern, like other people ask for. Many people, not just me, ask for people to make patterns and I don’t even know if they are willing to pay for it. I AM.

So, I’m hopeful someone will take me up on my offer.



Oh my goodness!!! Your plate is full, sweetheart! I pray I didn’t come off sounding like the back end of a horse! I’m a retired teacher & I’ve worked with special needs children & they can be trying, but so rewarding. Did you try the Pinterest site? I’m going to try & send you the link. I don’t know if it will work, but I’ll try. Let me know if you don’t get it & ill try another way. Hope this helps. God bless you & your family. I so admire you for your love & undertaking to see that your special child gets a good education.