Need a pattern for legwarmers!

Hello. I’d like to knit a pair of legwarmers for my daughter. She is taking ballet and the studio is very chilly! Do I just knit a tube in the round? Or do you think some shaping is needed? If anyone can direct me to a pattern, that’d be great. I’m not good at “freestyle” knitting. I like my patterns, lol! Thanks in advance.

Depends on her legs as to whether they need shaping. Dancers tend to wear legwarmers down onto the arch of their foot, so you should make the bottom a bit smaller than the measurement around her foot. Make the top a bit smaller than the measurement around wherever you intend to end the legwarmer. Either work top down and decrease to correct measurement, or work top up and increase. Ribbing is usually good at top and bottom.

Have you looked on They have tons of free patterns and there is an entire section devoted to legwarmers. Hopefully they have what you are looking for there.

Here’s a pattern from lionbrand that is popular with dancers - apparently they like them tall, and to cover the foot. This one has a foot sort of like a regular sock but no toe or heel.