Need a pattern can anyone help

Hi i hope some one can help i have just lost a pattern i was knitting .
It was a pattern that looked like a bootie had high top & 3 eyelets for a shoe lace going through just for show . I know it was a free pattern but cannot rember where i got it from also it was knitted in one peice.
Please can anyone help. :muah: :knitting:

No bells are ringing from you description, for me anyhow. It sounds cute, I’d like to see it. Have you checked to see if you can find it on They have too many patterns to count! and many are free. Ravelry is free to join if you haven’t already. Is this a slipper pattern and what size, adult, child, infant?

There’s one called the ‘Converse Bootie’ pattern, like the tennis shoes. I think that’s a free one, but don’t have a link to it; can probably find it in a search.

This one?

Those are soooo cute, Jan. Love 'em!
TEMA :thumbsup: