Need a nice soft cotton

I want to make a cotton tank (trust me, I still have a lot of summer left) and the yarn it recommends is no longer available. Sigh. I hopped over to knitpicks, but wasn’t happy with the limited colors in the dk weight cotton. I need a nice bright orange or pink. It needs to be a solid color because it is going to go with my favorite summer peasant skirts which is quite busy, so I need something a bit more solid to go with it.

Oh and I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money. I need 350g or around 700m.


I love Paton’s Grace. It’s mercerized, and has a lovely sheen to it, and knits like a dream. I’m usually not a fan of cotton, because I just don’t like the “feel” of most cotton yarns (I can almost see the moisture being sucked out of my hands as I work with it!). But Grace has been a pleasant surprise. I’m currently doing LilyGo’s Sunshine sweater in it, and it’s just beautiful to work with.

You can get a peek at the palette here:

It’s carried at Michaels and Joanns as well as at a lot of online stores. Great if they have a sale or you have a coupon.


I love cascade sierra- it’s a cotton/wool blend but very soft!

Blue Sky Alpaca’s cotton, hands down - softest ever, but i don’t know if they have a dk!

Debbie Bliss Cathay is lovely. has some colors on good sale, too.

Keep 'em coming. Although I’m hedging towards the Cathy Bliss. Yi yi yi! What pretty colors!

I love love:heart: knit1crochet2 tye-dye! I like the color variations, if you are into that sort of thing, and it is super super soft and fun to knit. I think its worsted though. Each skein has about 200 yards, so you would only need 2 for a tank.

OK, I’d probably only need to for a tank if I was a normal size :roflhard: The pattern I’m using says (for my size) I’ll need around 650-700 yards. I still think that is a lot of yarn, but you just never know. I’ve never made a tank top before, so trying to visualize the amount of yarn needed for a pullover sans sleeves and with a scooped neck.

:teehee: Oopps! I think I saw where you had 350 [I]grams,[/I] and just assumed it was meters. And you’ve got to forgive me - most of the clothing I knit is for my kids - my size perception is all off!

That’s OK Beth, I have been knitting for over 30 years and have yet to make a sweater or an afghan. Socks, hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, purses/bags, hedgehogs, arm bands for my kids’ cosplay, and baby items, but never a full sized adult sweater, shirt, skirt, etc. I made a shrug last year and it was big news in the house because it was the largest thing I’d made! LOL!! So talking in terms of 350grams is almost HUGE in comparison to what I normally knit.

Try Schaefer Laurel. I have made two tank tops with it - it is great to work with - washes well and is a dream to wear. You will need two of their skeins.

Good luck!

I like Mission Falls cotton for soft projects, as well as the less expensive Bernat Cotton Tots.

For non-soft cotton, I like Berroco Cotton Twist.

I just made a hat out of Rowan Calmer for someone undergoing chemo. It’s as soft as butter, but pricey. Look! It’s half price right here.

Thanks everyone. I’m still looking. Probably wont’ be able to buy anything for another 3 weeks (just too much to do in the meantime!) I’ve bookmarked all your suggestions!!