Need a new pattern stitch for a baby blanket

I have found out that my future daughter in law is expecting another baby next summer. I made her oldest child baby blankets out of fabric and made special Spider man sheets for his bed. We are hoping this baby will be a girl;so I am looking for anew pattern stitch besides the feather and fan stitch. I used that stitch on the afghan I made for their Christmas present. I would like a lacy stitch , any suggestions?

Do you want an eyelet, something with holes, or do you want it to be pretty solid?

Here are a bunch of stitches to look at! Stitch libraries are awesome! :teehee:

Hey! My mom got a great Christmas present from one of her friends - it is a Perpetual Calendar called “365 Knitting Stitches a Year” and has a different stitch pattern for every day. It is really cool, I am going to have to buy one for myself!

Anyway, I am using it to work on my Oddball baby blanket and I am usint the one from Februrary 22nd - it is called the Diagonal Crossed Stitch and I love it. It isn’t lacy, but looks really pretty and is super easy! There are several lacy patterns in the calendar though! Good luck!!

If you don’t mind working from a chart, you might like to try Elfin lace. There is a chart for it here:

It looks kind of complicated, but once you get in to it, it’s really easy.

Thank you all for the links. I will have to run them by the mom to be so she can pick the design.

Thanks Jan, you are a wealth of information. I always learn something when I read your posts. :thumbsup: :stuck_out_tongue: