Need a new knitting book! Suggestions please


My husband gave me a day to myself --to go shopping . I spent my precious freedom (without my 2 1/2 year old) looking through every knitting bookin the store , I walked out with a cookbook! :shock:. So, I’m still out stalking for the perfect knitting book.

Any Suggestions-- Anything worth buying?

I am a novice yet, eager knitter!
Books I have,

  1. viva poncho
    2.Exquisite little knits
  2. Stitch & Bitch, Stitch & Bitch Nation


I cannot recommend “Knitting in Plain English” highly enough…


If I had to give all but one of my knitting books away (over my cold, dead, body, of course) the one I would be clutching in my hands would be The Knitter’s Guide to Finishing Techniques (by Nancie Wiseman). It doesn’t have a lot of basic how-to’s, but that can be found most places. It has very clear, explicit directions for finishing that makes all the difference. It has in my knitting, anyway.

The Knitter’s Bible. You can buy it on Amazon (check new/used offers) for less than $1.00 (click below). It’s a great reference book, with a comprehensive stitch library, projects, etc. I think it retails for close to $30.00, so you get such an awesome deal on Amazon. :smiley: