Need a little help with two color hat

Please help! I’m working on this hat and I’m a little confused with the chart at the bottom. The main color is the “x” 's in the diagram, and the pattern repeats, so for the first couple of rows, it looks like I can’t carry the main color behind because between the pattern repeats, there’s 13 stitches, and that’s too many to carry right?
Am I making any sense?

You can carry across there. Just trap the yarn being carried under the one in use so you don’t get too big a loop. Keep your stitches stretched out on the right needle, too.

Thanks Ingrid…can you define “trap”? :??

I was afraid of that. I have pictures posted but I just looked at them and I don’t think they do much good. Let me explain:

After you’ve dropped the cc and have knit a few stitches with the main color and you feel your strand is long enough to want to trap:

Insert your needle as if to knit the next stitch. Bring your cc yarn under the mc yarn and up over the point of the right needle from the back and drape it over the point of the needle.

I took a picture of that.

After you drape your cc yarn over the needle, then wrap your mc stitch, but before you pull it through, remove the cc color from the needle. When you finish knitting the stitch, it should be trapped in the back in such a way that it doesn’t show through.

Ahh, Ingrid, I’ve got it now! Thanks so much for the quick response!!! You explained it very well, and I will definitely retain that in the expanding knitting knowledge section of my brain! Back to my hat now!! :XX: