Need a knitter!

I hurt my back a couple years ago and because of it I can’t work. My family keeps 12 chickens to make a little extra income. We need to keep them warmer in their coop but I can’t afford to put electrical heating in. So I found this page that has “templates” for chicken sweaters. But I don’t know anyone that can knit. So I was hoping there was someone on this forum that could help me make them.

These are the patterns(There are two and I don’t know what they mean):

I appreciate any help that you can give. :slight_smile:

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
There may be some knitters out there who can help. But please, would you edit your post to remove most of the patterns? We can have problems with copyrights if entire patterns are posted.
If you can cut and paste a link to the pattern page, that’ll be fine.

Thanks for the reply will do.

I notice that there are places that sell these sweater in return for a donation.

Also, I wonder if you couldn’t make the design in fleece? The pattern is simple enough and fleece wouldn’t need hemming.

Hi welcome and where are you?

Can you get electricity safely to the pen?

If so I could give you 80 watt heat cord (about 9 metres long) and a good thermostat for free because I no longer keep snakes. This heats up to over 40 degrees Celcius

I am in Sydney Australia

Edit This sort of heating would be less stressful for the birds, my thermostats cost me $70 5 years ago and they are very good, but I have 3. You could buy a few heat cords and make a panel (protected of course) and attatch it to a wall close to their nests.

Wherever you are you should be able to source heat cord and should not cost much for me to send the thermostat (a necessity because it gets hot) no electrician is required you just plug it in, but maybe mine are 240 volt so you may need a converter if you’re in USA with 110 volts I think, better safe than sorry.

I can talk you through making a panel too.


salmonmac thanks for finding that website for me I will look into that.

lacemonitor It’s funny you say that about the converter. I actually have one from my brother going to EU. But the downside is I could never afford shipping from Australia. But thank you though.

salmonmac I couldn’t find where they are selling the sweaters.

salmonmac I can’t find in the article where they sell them.

I couldn’t track down a contact address for Ann or Nicole Congdon either. There are some sweaters for sale on Etsy. However, making your own would definitely be cheaper.
The whole idea is not without controversy so you might want to look at the counter arguments too.