Need a Harry Potter scarf pattern

Need a HP scarf. Not the old pattern with the equal amounts of color, but the newer version.


Yes! Goodness Ingrid, that was quick! Thanks!!

So when knitting a scarf on circular needles, do you seam up each end after you finish?

You get a tube and seam up the ends. Or you could cast on provisionally and do a three needle bind off at each end. You’d have the seam on the outside, but that might look good. :thinking:

Thanks again Ingrid. I think I’ll do the seam from the circulars.

ok (maybe a dumb q but…) could you kitchener stitch the ends if you transfered over to DPNS - half on one half on the other? Or would that not work? (I am slightly obssessed with Kitchener stitch, I do love what it does!)

That could work nicely, too! One thing you might consider–I don’t know if it’s in the pattern or not, is to put a purl stitch at each side so the scarf will lie flatter when it’s done, kind of an artificial seam.

The reason I thought of this was, well I am English and went to an English school =P We had big scarves like that at school (I LOVE the Harry Potter scarves but it just reminds me of school too much!) and the ends were always like one continuous thing. I could never see where / how they made this thing (but then again I was not a knitter back at that tender age even though it fascinated me).

I think they probably had a purl at the “edges” to make seams because they always stayed so well in shape. Maybe they were just pressed well before being wrapped round our necks!

I didn’t seam mine at all, just used the frills to hold the ends shut, won’t suit everyone, but I like how mines turned out.