Need a glamourous evening bag pattern

I’m looking for a pattern for a small evening bag that would look good in a black yarn that has sparklies in it. Gauge is not that important, as I can adjust things a bit for my yarn weight (unknown and the moment, but I know EXACTLY where in my stash above said yarn is. I hope… )
I need a small, quick knit as this is for a charity gala dinner/silent auction and the auction items are due MONDAY! eeeek!
Of COURSE I’ll knit you something for the auction.

WHO SAID THAT!?!?!??!?!?!? lol :roflhard:

Yes, I’m looking through patterns at Knitting Pattern Central, but my eyes are getting buggy, so I thought I’d see if anyone here has an idea.

Thanks!!! :muah:

These are cute. The second one is a beaded purse, very elegant if done in black, and the last link is a very simple garter stitch. Fast and easy, but could be dressy with beads added. Hope this helps.

how about just a simple envelope style purse. Just knit a rectangle, then fold the bottom up about 1/3 and sew the side seams. Then fold the top down. Maybe find a sparkly button for the closure. Leave it handle-less or maybe knit a long i-cord to make it a shoulder bag.

I did that made the envelope bag and then I felted it. Came out real cute and was really a fast knit. Then you could add anything to make it fancy. Just a thought for ya.

Thanks! I had seen the first one already, the ripple pattern and had thought it was a cute idea. So your suggestion seals the deal! : )

I may also try a simple envelope like others suggested, if the ripple seems to be to long of a knit, but it is DEFINITELY going on my knit for Christmas gifts list!