Need a gift for dh

I feel like a horrible wife–my dh and I have been married for just under 2 months and I had really intended to knit something for him for Christmas–well, by the time I finished moms, and my best friends and my daughters, etc…I didn’t have time. I feel awful about it b/c he painted me a beautiful picture from our wedding (we like to make things for each other) so I really want to suprise him with something for Valentine’s day but I’m not sure what. He wears hats alot but they are always baseball caps–he doesn’t wear scarves although I’m sure he would if I put the time into one and beyond that–I can’t think of anything (he said he didn’t want an ipod sock when I was making one recently) that is a masculine gift. Any suggestions? He’d love socks but I don’t think I can handle socks yet…
Any creative ideas would be welcomed!

Perfect for newlyweds!! :heart:

[color=blue]I sewed at one time. Made neckties for my hubby a couple Valentine’s Days and embroidered a verse in the lining of the tie.

Neckties may not be the right thing, but maybe a something personal embroidered onto a piece of fabric and stitched into the inside of a baseball cap
:thinking: Just a thought.
Lana :x: [/color]

awwww…Ingrid, that’s great!!! Thanks! has a pattern for felted baseball caps, but I think you have to buy it… :frowning:

Also, my DH said that he would love a throw for when he’s sitting on the couch… his mom made us one, but it’s pink and blue… maybe one that’s just for him would be nice?? with double stranded yarn and big needles, you can make them fairly quickly…

oh wait, didn’t you say he’s an artist?? How about a felted roll for his pens, pencils, brushes, etc?? :cheering: I know I would love to have one of those, and have been wanting one for years… It would work a lot better than most of the other organizers I have

Ooooh! Great idea!!!

The felted roll is a great idea! He’d love it! Now…regarding a pattern…

Never mind… when I did my search, I should have put ‘case’ instead of holder or roll… Here’s a link