Need a egg pattern

Hi…i’m searching for an easy pattern for a knitted easter egg shaped pillow fo make for my granddaughters. I have looked at so many diff. sites with no luck…can only find crochet pillows…anyone know of a site that has what i’m searching for? thanks a bunch…knit on!!

Well, I can’t help with the pillow. :thinking: If I find one I’ll let you know.

Here’s a cute pattern for Easter Eggs that you might be interested in, too. I made a bunch last Easter. They are so cute! You might be able to take the idea and make a pillow with it.

It’s funny…I have 2 huge easter eggs on my couch right now. At least that’s what I say they look like. 2 Skeins of Pound of Love in pastels.



Thank you for trying…i have not worked with the dpn as yet but hey i am willing to try. I thought about converting the crochet pattern i found of an egg pillow into knit pattern …i have the directions so maybe i’ll give that a shot. just have to remember how to decrease left slant then right slant…never turn down a challenge though…those little eggs are so cute…love the colors.