Need a chuckle? Read this

check this out, most recent entry:

Knitting related and by the author of meditations …knit too much. Poor steph!

Hi Kemp,

I :heart: :heart: Steph’s book. You can open to any page and find something that “speaks” to you.

Her day was like a sitcom episode and so :roflhard: :roflhard:
That towel was AWFULLY SKIMPY. Glad it wasn’t me or it would be :oops: :oops:

Great that she’s taking her ‘sock friend’ on the trip. :thumbsup:

I leave on vacation Friday AM for TWO weeks, and I’ll have to remember to keep my clothes on in hotels! (Unfortunately, this also means no KH for two weeks :frowning: - no computer at the beach.)

Talk to you all when I get back!


okay so that fully broke the LOL rule!

I know…I totally felt bad for her, but it will be soooooo FUNNY at some point when she gets to tell it all the time.

Enjoy your trip!

yes, sorry about that…I know how you hate for the people at work to look at you like you’re crazy.

I did warn you that it would make you chuckle though :slight_smile:

thanks, kemp…great way to start a day :roflhard: :roflhard: