Need a challenge - Argyle

Hi, I’m new to knitting but would like a challenge. My fiancee has asked for an argyle scarf. Is there anyway to do it without having a mess on the back? I’ve looked online for instructions for double knitting in multiple colors but have only found information about using 2 colors. I would be using 4 for the pattern I have.

You could doubleknit it, or you could knit it in the round. or you could knit double width flat and then fold and seam.

Do you know where I could find instructions for doing a double knit with 4 colors?

Or you could just knit in the round, but you would have to use more of a fair isle technique than intarsia. Because it would be very heavy with doubled up yarn you could knit with a fingering weight yarn, too.

Normally, argyles are intarsia, which CAN be done in the round, but will be a hassle, especially with argyle sized motifs. If you don’t mind pain it would perhaps be feasible for something where the inside is hidden like a jumper. Okay, you could do a flat scarf and then fold it in half and seam it to make a tube.

But I seriously recommend doing it in the round in a stranded colourwork way. Trust us it will be much easier. I swear.
However normal argyles are not the best for in the round (but if they are really necessary you can do it, do some online research for tutes about weaving in colours when stranding, we can give you some links if necessary including the Philosopher’s Wool site with videos).

That is an argyle pattern modified so that it’s slightly different but able to be knitted in the round. Read the whole page, there is a chart further down. If your boy is happy with that, I am sure it’s your best option.

P.S. Eunny’s Endpaper Mitts, free post on that same blog are a great intro to stranding and there is a post there called ‘Tips and Tricks’ or similar that tells you most of what you need to know about stranding.