Need a center start shrug

I have seen people wearing these and I know I have seen the pattern and cannot remember where. When I ask people what pattern they used I either get “oh it’s out of print” or “a friend made it.” I have tried to search ravelry but am not coming up with what I want…

It is essentially a big circle and you start knitting in the middle and somewhere cast off to make arm holes then do ribbing for the “collar” which goes all the way around. It is almost big enough to be called a vest but I am pretty sure it was referred to as a shrug.

Something like one of these?

:yay: :woot: GG you are fabulous !! Off all the search parameters I have tried on ravelry and google I never just put in “circular” !! While none of those is the pattern I have lodged in my brain there are certainly some beautiful ones. Pretty sure the pattern I saw was in a magazine - years ago - that I was browsing during a knit night. Since I already have the yarn I am going to pick one and get started before my husband or one of my boys comes up with something orange and maroon I need to knit for them !!
thank you !!:muah:

You’re welcome. Enjoy knitting something for [I]you[/I]!!! I thought of how to do a search because I’ve thought of doing one, not for me though. Not my style. I think my daughter or granddaughter might like one. You have to please let us know what pattern you choose and what yarn you plan to work this thing of feminine beauty in. The boys can wait. :teehee: