Need a cardigan pattern (Men)

Please help I promised my husband I knit him a cardigan sweater with cables and it has been the hardest pattern to find. I want something simple please.
Love all of you for your help. :muah:

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I found several, but they aren’t free. You can look in your library for some books, too.

Here’s a Lion Brand pattern that is $3.95. You may need to register to see it.

There at least one in this book.

There’s one in this book.

Agree with Jan about checking the lib. Mine has several that are superb…with a range of designs and skill levels. Books on men’s sweaters seemed few and far between not that long ago but a couple new ones just came out that have fab patts.

BTW, if you find a basic cardi patt you like, you can always insert cabling.

How do I insert a cable (I have a basic pattern). I thought myself how to knit and I do not have any expert knitter arond to ask questions.
Thanks so much you guys are the best.

Do you have any stitch dictionaries…esp ones with cable patts? (Many can be found a the lib.) Find cables you like, and if nothing too fancy or dramatic, just replace the reg sts with the cable. Note: when changing a simple sweater to full-fledged Aran, you need to allow for that by adding add’l sts as cables pull in and make the item narrow. But if you’re only adding, perhaps, a cable running down the middle of the sleeve, or one centered in the front of a pullover, that’s not enough to warrant changing the st count.

So instead of this:


You’d work (to give idea of the concept):


BTW, make sure to keep in the mind the ‘weight’ of the cabling. You don’t want a teeny cable, only 4 sts wide, centered in the front of a pullover. Keep the cable in scale. When you do your swatch, try samples of the cable(s) you intend to use and, altho the swatch is much smaller than the garment, try to envision how it’ll look over the larger piece.


ETA: if you don’t have st dict, there are quite a few a cable patts at

Thank you so much this REALLY helps.

Here is a pattern

There’s a really nice cardigan in the new INterweave magazine that I just got. It doesn’t have a cable but it has this really interesting thing down the middle of the sleeve… some special stitches but it’s easy. I’ll have go go find it coz I forgot the exact details. I really want to knit my dh one too. (although at the moment he doesn’t deserve knitted anything :roll:)

Whoops, I just checked and it’s a pullover. Interesting sleeve though, it’s slipped stitches all the way up the sleeve, it looks neat.