Need a cardigan pattern for Aran yarn

does anyone know of a (preferably free) ladies cardigan pattern?
I don’t want it using too much cabling as i’m not a brilliantly quick knitter and would like to finish it quick-ish as my patience doesn’t last too long!
I don’t mind a bit of cabling as a feature as I am capable of it, but not cabling all over.
I’d like it to be pretty simple, probably stocking stitch mostly and will add pockets etc afterward to break it up but wouldn’t mind other simple and quick stitches.
I have 800g of Aran weight yarn (18x24=10cm stocking st) that I brought in advance thinking i’d find one I like quickly but no luck yet.
Anyone know of any?

Thanks in advance, Mark.

Have you looked at Ravelry? Here’s a link to search results assuming you are looking for a free pattern for an adult. The categories on the left will allow you to change or add search parameters. If you haven’t already joined Ravelry you’ll want to. It’s free, safe, gives you access to scads and scads of patterns and has lots of other features you might enjoy.