Need a bind off that looks like the wrong side of cable cast on

I wonder if there is a name for this as I am not finding what I need when I search and perhaps its just that I don’t know the correct name for it?

I cast on for a pair of slippers with cable cast on, it didn’t specify what sort of cast on and this is what I know.
Now at the end of the work I am told to bind off.
The work is folded so that the cast on edge and bind off edge become the cuff of the slipper. The cuff also has 5 rows in a different colour.

With my normal bind off the second colour it shorter and although it looks nice it doesn’t match the cast on edge at all. It will look strange if I seam these together.

I tried out a cable cast off but it produces a shape of yarn going in the wrong direction and looks terrible (although the length of the cuff was correct with the added bulk of those twists).

Also I need it to match the back of the cable cast on, not the front, so I need something different.

I’ve tried something like the cable cast off but instead of twisting the stitch clockwise (sorry I don’t know how to describe it), I twisted anticlockwise. This is the closest I’ve got to making it look like the back side of the cast on edge with the yarn pattern going in the right direction and the same amount of length created by the extra bulk, but I’m not sure this is a “real” stitch, if it has a name or if there is something else I should be doing instead.

This photo may or may not help

Top blue is my regular bind off, looks too short as though there is a row less but it’s the same number if rows.
Next down is a sample in pink of whatever it is I made up which is the closest I got so far.
Next is the back if my cable cast on that I want to match.
Bottom is the cable cast off I watched on video but it all twists the wrong way for what I need.

Thoughts and suggestions will be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Are you using the knit sts for your cable bind off? Have you tried purling as you bind off?

Purl is the back side of knit.

An alternate approach may be to crochet the cast on and cast off edges.

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Thank you for replying.

Yes I did try a purl cast off early on with it being the back of the knit row but then I pulled it out as it was all wrong.
I have now knitted up a few trials in purl. All the stitches travel the wrong way - from left to right the yarn appears from the front of the fabric and travels to the back.
The back of the cable cast on is the other way around, from left to right it appears from the back of the work and travels to the front.

Well here are some samples of purl cast off

In not sure the photo helps.
I tried:
Regular purl cast off
Purl cast off with clockwise twist
Purl cast off with anticlockwise twist
Phot also shows my work with the cable I’m trying to match and a pink sample which is the stitch I made up which I know isn’t a full match but the yarn travels in the right direction.

Not sure what else to try.
The slippers will be felted but presumably it will still be pretty obvious if the cuff changes width or has a different direction, I make this assumption because the pattern had a change of stitch for the cuff so the texture must felt up differently depending on what the yarn is doing.

I still need help or suggestions if anyone has any idea, I’m stuck.

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Never mind. I have resolved this a different way.

Instead of trying to match the cast on row, I have cut off the cast on row, picked up the stitches, re worked the first 5 rows of the pattern as the last 5 rows and have cast off in a normal knit wise way.
Ta da :partying_face:
The cuffs and cast off edges are identical.

I only had to learn how to cut off the cast on stitches. Yesterday I discovered what a provisional cast on was so decided to use my cast on and first rows like a provisional and just get rid of them.
It worked.
Very pleased :grinning:


:heartpulse: nice solution!! :heartpulse:
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Aw…thank you for the party stars.
That’s really kind
:star2: I feel like doing a little happy dance​:dancer: :star2:

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That is an excellent and creative solution.


Thank you for your input.

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Wow – very creative. You’ll be writing a book about your different options before long. :slight_smile: