Need a bag pattern

Hey guys–I’m searching the internet for bag patterns…my sil is here and I’ve said I’d make one for her…I think she wants something kind of like a shoulder bag/tote bag…anyone have particular patterns they like that they could direct me to? TIA!!

try the booga bag

Or one of these.

Thanks V but she didn’t seem interested in the booga…Ingrid–I’m still making my way through them. She has actually picked out some cute hand bags she likes a lot too…I just thought someone might have a length to something obscure that I hadn’t seen already…:slight_smile:

I did the Lucy bag for my wife. It can be done in a variety of sizes. Andrea made one too.

Thanks Jeremy…I’ll take a look at it!

I have a Lucy OTN now… it’s becoming slow… but i REALLY like the handles.

Hey Jeremy…what’s a Lucy bag? :??

Rhy :XX:

Here is the Lucy Bag:

I’ve done two of them now. They are fun to knit, although I made the largest size both times and it did take me a while!

Hilde: What yarn are you using to make yours?

I don’t know! It’s something pink yellow blue and green cvarigated that i got on clearance somewhere. It’s only 50% wool, though, and I felted my swatch by hand, which turned out OKAY, but I think it’s going slow because I’m not sure if it’s going to turn out like I want it. :rollseyes:

I think it’s called tosca??? I was blinded by the pretty colors and the $2.00 price tag :slight_smile:

I’m going to do another in lambspride I think. We can consider this one my lucy experiment :??

Thanks, Hilde. My first was a Lucy experiment too! LOL. I bought a solid color - Paton’s 100% wool. It turned out nice - a solid light brown. That was for my mother. My aunt saw it and wanted one exactly the same. Now I want one but I want a different yarn. Someone on this board posted theirs in a multicolored yarn and it was so cool! I just haven’t had time to run to the LYS to check out my choices!