Need a baby hat to go with this

I am almost finished with this sweater

I was going to knit a little hat, but realized that a lot of patterns may not “go” with it…I don’t want to do the math and try to make up my own pattern using the same lace as the sweater. I could do a headband, but with 8 girls of my own, I know they’re hard to keep on, and I am not good enough at sizing…

Anyway, I don’t know what I want to go with this…any ideas would be appreciated.

You might be able to take a lace hat and put the Abagail lace pattern on it instead. Just make sure the stitch count is correct and consider the decreases at the top and how they will work out.

Someone else who made this sweater made this adorable hat and it appears she used the same lace on the edge as the sweater. If it’s not it looks like it.

Thanks, Jan! Actually, I went looking on Ravelry after I posted here, and came up with that same Sunny Side hat. :slight_smile: I’m definitely considering it. I’ll check out the IK one as well.

I made that same Abagail sweater (x2 for twins!) recently and I, too, had the same problem of finding a baby hat pattern to match. I’ve decided to make the Super Quick Baby Bonnet (Ravelry) because I’m a fan of the bonnet style of hats for babies :slight_smile:

…However, instead of using the provided lace pattern, I’m using a modified version of the Abagail lace. It’s not up to me whether these bonnets will be worn with the Abagail sweaters (since I’m not the mother of the babies) but I wanted the two to match just in case :wink: