Nedd Help in reading a pattern

I have a pattern for childrens slippersthat read "Cast on 11 sts. knit these
stitches. P1 turn. Cast on 11 sts. 26 sts. Next row knit. Am I after knitting the first 11 stitches to purl turn stitch and cast on 11 more on the same left needle? The pattern is on for "sugar and cream
Bear slippers. Maybe if you see the pattern it will be a little clearer to you than my note. I thank you for your help, I am a fairly new knitter and appreciate your input. :wall:

I believe you’re working the same pattern as someone else here!

Here’s a link to the discussion of how to do things:

Good Luck,


You have made my day! I will sit down after wrapping gifts and work on this! I know I am going to love this forum group-Thank you Diane :muah: