Neckwarmer Patterns Anyone?

I am looking for a knit pattern for a neckwarmer, the child I would like to make this item for is soon to be 5 years old. The one I found is too extreme for him, it’s almost like wearing another sweater!

I would appreciate anything you can offer me, thanx!


You can make one pretty easily without a pattern. Just measure his neck and add a couple inches to that measurement to make it scrunch a bit. Then make a swatch our of your yarn in the stitch of your choice, and then cast on for your project. (i.e. If you get 5 sts per inch on your swatch, and you want your piece to be 6 inches high, then CO 30)

Then knit until it is long enough to go around his neck, and then seam up the ends to make a tube.

There ya go…a neckwarmer. :slight_smile:

I just cameacross this one,
but I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for. I agree with Yarn Mommy, just fudge it; you could do it on circulars, too.


Thanx to all who replied. I had thought like yarnmommy & mascarasnake of “fudging it” and knitting something ribbed on four needles. Think I will give that a try. Christina Cx, thanx for the pattern link. It’s not quite what I want for him, but, I think it will work great for me! So, there, another project to try!

Thanx again for all of the suggestions! Happy knitting to all! :XX: