I was wondering if anyone has any neckties patterns? I have done a google search and come up with a white tie (prom picture) and a stripe tie from Lion yarn and last but not least an ugly pink tie ( my opinion). Does anyone know of any others?:shrug:

The best free one I’ve seen is on the Knit Picks site. There are a few in a back issue of IK.

Thank you for the patterns!:cheering: What is IK? I have a good selection of books but that is a new one for me. I looked in the abbreviations section and didn’t find it there. Yea for that section!!!:cheering::cheering::cheering::muah:

Ties are so neat to make! I made one for a friend from Interweave Knits, I think Susan Sternsomething’s it was an easy one but it seems to take forever. And! guess what I made it in: black hemp.
My friend really loves it and it turned out great.

I’m going to make another for my DH (as soon as I finish the 10 projects I’m doing). And maybe one for me! Silk/cashmere!

IK is Interweave Knits magazine. Theirs is the second pattern I linked to. I’m trying to find a pattern and yarn for a necktie too. My dh really wants a handknit one.

VictoiseC, do you have a picture of the black hemp one? Sounds interesting…more details please!