Neckline/shoulder question

hi, knitters…

i need some advice. i’ve braved the armholes of this sweater, only to arrive at the neckline, which has me stumped. okay, i’ve bound off a bunch of stitches in the middle, leaving me with 11 stitches for the right shoulder and and equal number for the left.

now, the pattern tells me this:
Working both sides at sonce, bind off 6sts at beg of next row then 5 at beg of the next 4 rows. AT THE SAME TIME dec 1 st at each neck edge every RS row once.

okay, i’ve got 11 sts–if i bind off 6 and then five, i’ve got no stitches and then how am i supposed to dec 1 sts at the neck edge if i don’t have any sts to bind off with?

i’m lost–anybody got any ideas?

thanks much.

Bind off 6 sts on one shoulder, work across to the neck and dec, pick up the other strand of yarn (or start knitting with one), work across to the arm edge. Turn and BO 6 sts on that shoulder, work to neck, etc… Then the next set of rows BO sts at the beginning and then you’re done. Are you sure you’re only supposed to have 11 sts on each shoulder for the size you’re making?

it is totally and completely possible that i’ve made a mistake and now have the wrong number of stitches. here’s what i did:

i was working 65 stitches. pattern then directed me to:
Bind off 6 sts, work until there are 11 sts on RH needle, join another ball of yarn and BO center 31 sts, k to end.

did i goof on the math? it seems to me that the pattern says that there should be 11 sts on the RH needle, which i think means there should be 11 on the LH (22sts), 31 bound off sts in the middle plus the 6 sts bound off at the beginning…and where the heck are the other 6of them??

OMG…the true extent of how badly i may have screwed this up is rapidly becoming apparent to me.

is there any hope?



i should have looked at my knitting before i panicked. on the needles i have 6 bound off stitches, 11 knit stiches, 31 bound off stitches, 11 knit stitches, and six bound off stitches.

i’ll try to proceed with suzeeq’s advice. boy, making a sweater is hard.


Oh, so you’ve already bound off the 6 sts. Then you only need to BO 5 more on each shoulder and dec 1 at each neck edge.


i followed your advice, and presto! i’m now done with the back of the sweater! thanks for all your advice and help!