Neckline shaping

HI There, I’m knitting my first cardigan and I’m stuck on the neckline shaping of the front.

Pattern reads as follows

“Bind off 18 sts”. Which I have done then it reads “then 1 time 3 sts, 1 time 2 sts, 3 times 1 st, every second row”

Im completely lost with this . Please help


Can you tell us which pattern you are using?

It sounds like instructions for a round neckline written in a non-standard way.

I would interpret it as:
Bind off 18 sts, knit to end of row.
Work one wrong-side row.
Then continue to bind off stitches at the neck edge on each right-side row, binding off 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, working a wrong-side row in between each bind-off row.

If you are working in a stitch pattern, keep doing that pattern. Or just keep doing stockinette if that is the stitch pattern.

Hope this helps. Please ask again if it doesn’t and someone else will explain it in a different way.


Thank you so much. I understand it now,

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