Neckline shaping on my raglan sweater

[color=green]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “Nu är det svårt för mig igen” = “Now it’s difficult for me again”

This raglan sweater pattern is really tough on my brain cells… :wall:

I have joined the sleeves to the body and I’ve knit up to where I’m told to start the “neckline shapings”. I’m supposed to put stitches on holders, start knititng from side to side (flat) and put more stitches on holders with every row. This to shape the “neckline”. Then I’m supposed to pick up the live stitches and start knitting in the round again to make a small rolled “turtleneck”. Does this explanation of the construction make sense to you? :??

Well, this is what the pattern says (I’ll be translating it from Swedish so pardon my language :teehee: ):

"Mark the middle of the front. Put 11 stitches on a holder (“neckline”). Knit from stockinette from side to side (with knit and purl rows). Use the circular needle.

Continue with the stripes and make sure you have the same amount of grey and coloured rows everywhere.

Make raglan decreases on every other row like before.

At the “throat” (front of neckline), put 2 stitches from both sides on safety pins. Do this on the 2 first rows.

Thereafter, on every row, place 1 stitch from both sides on safety pins. Do this 5 times.

Continue to do the raglan decreases (on every other row) and go on knitting and purling until you only have 4 stitches left on the front section."

After that follows instructiions on how to continue with the “rolled turtle neck”.

I’m having a problem understanding when to put stitches on safety pins when I start knitting after having put 11 stitches on a holder. The pattern tells me to put 2 stitches from both sides on safety pins and to do that on 2 rows. That’s 8 stitches in total. But… Do I put them on safety pins after I’ve knitted (purled) them? If I don’t, why don’t the instructions tell me to put 15 stitches on the holder from the beginning?

But if I’m supposed to knit them and then place them om a holder I get confused coming to the end of the row. If I knit them and place them on a holder, I have to stretch the yarn behind them to be able to purl the next stitches.

Or do I knit, put the first two stitches on a safety pin, knit the last two and purl them before I place them on a safety pin? And then go on purling that row, placing the first and last two stitches on safety pins? But wouldn’t that mean that four stitches (end of first row and beginning of second row) will end up on the same row and therefore could go on the same safety pin? :??

I picture these “safety pin stitches” to form a somewhat circular shape for the throat, but I can’t get my head around how to do it…

Help!!! Please. :flirt:

I think what they neglected to say was to use two balls of yarn–one for each side of the holder. Then you can work each side with it’s own strand.

I’d put the center stitches on an extra circular needle and then slip the stitches onto the ends of that rather than onto pins. Just easier. You can put a marker between the 11 original ones and the added ones just to keep count easier, if you want.

I think I’d put the stitches on the center needle (or pins) at the end of the row I’m working.

Doing it this way allows you to shape the neck without having to decrease and then pick up stitches.