Neckline Help!

I am almost finished with my daughter’s sweater, but am having difficulty picking up the neckline stitches on my needles for the ribbing. I’ve done it before with a different pattern, but this is a tighter knit and you have to pick up basically all the stitches which means I’m fighting to get them on the needle. Any suggestions/videos?
This site has been really helpful to me as I’m not that proficient at knitting yet.

There’s a good video under Videos, Tips at the top of the page for picking up sts that may help. I use a crochet hook to pick up 12-15sts and then slide them off the back of the hook onto the needle. Continue like this until you’ve picked up all that you need. I’ve also seen advice to pick up as many sts as you can for a neckline and then adjust from there on the next row. Increase a few sts if you need more being the most common situation. I think that picked up sts always look better than you expect when you finally get them on the needle.

If you’re trying to do this as a 2 step procedure with sts picked up on one needle and knit off that with the other - do it in one step. Using a smaller right needle, insert it into the edge stitch, wrap the yarn and pull through, then repeat.