Neckline for cardigan

Hi, I’m new here. Knitting my first cardigan and have reached the top of the back where it has said to put 24 stitches on a holder. Then it goes onto the pattern for the front.

I’ve put stitches on a holder but what do I do with the wool? Do I cut it or leave it and start a new ball to start the front. I’ve got no idea!


Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
If your pattern doesn’t specifically tell you to keep the ball of yarn attached, go ahead and cut the yarn leaving about a 6inch tail to weave in later. That’s the most common way to deal with the held stitches. Later in the pattern there’ll be instructions for finishing or for adding a collar that will tell you what to do with the held stitches for the back.
Can you link to the pattern or give us a pattern name?

Thanks for your swift response. The pattern is bow jacket by Debbie Bliss in a book called Time for Tweed. I’m not doing the bow but might add a collar, if possible.

How’s the project going, Kitty?

Mmm, pretty sweater. Here’s at least a picture.
I like the bow but however you decide to do the neck, you’ll be starting with a new end of yarn for it and for the fronts.

Thanks Salmon, I quite liked the bow too but not sure if it’s me! I did like the fitted waist though I think may have knitted it one size too large, too early to say. However, am enjoying my knitting my first large garment and it’s easier than I thought.

Well thanks David. Am enjoying it though a little confused at times but trusting the pattern!