Neckline decrease

Hello, I’ve been asked to finish a pattern for a sweater by great grandma who can’t see so well anymore. I don’t understand this part of the directions. “Continue to decrease on the neck edge every other row: 3 stitches, one time and 2 stitches three times“. I know how to knit two together to do a two stitch decrease, but I’ve never done a three stitch decrease. And I think if you just knit three together, it wouldn’t look so good. There must be a better way. A collar will be attached later on. The first six stitches on the row are a bind off to form the overlap for the button front.
Thank you for your help,
Nana Gloria

That’s so kind of you to finish this sweater.
The decreases of 3 stitches and 2 stitches are bind offs similar to the bind off of the first 6 stitches.
Call the first decrease row, row 1, bind off 3sts on row 1, bind off 2sts on rows 3,5 and 7. This is the bind off on one side of the neck.
What is the name of your pattern?

It is a Mac & me children’s button jacket #046. It is a printed, purchased pattern. The penciled in numbers that I wrote are mistakes that were made in the casting on that I have to figure out how to compensate forimage|900x1200

For some reason this photo didn’t go through.

That’s darling. You’ve done a good job overcoming the initial mistake at the cast on. Thank you for finishing this project. It would have been too bad to see it go into the unfinished projects file.