Neckline decrease

Hello I am a new member looking for some big help! I am making a child’s cable knit aran sweater unfortunately I don’t know the pattern name, designer or brand, I have a photo but that’s all. I am really struggling with the decrease at the neckline as the pattern is purl purl slip purl purl slip purl purl, it just isn’t coming out correct and is losing pattern when I am decreasing sts, I’ve tried all different what’s of decreasing but I end up with the 2 slip sts together and veering off to the left or right. Please can somebody help me before I go crazy !!

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Can you quote exactly the row containing the decreases and give us the stitch count before the decreases? Just slipping the sts won’t decrease.


Hello thank you for replying. The previous row stitch count is 59sts. The
pattern is. P2 yb, slp, P2
(2 times) pattern panel is over 9sts ws side pattern is 12 purl sts k1 purl
Shape neck is pattern 24 turn leave remaining 35 sts on holder. Working on
these 24sts. Next row Patt. Work 7 rows Dec 1st at beck Edge in next and
every alt row. 20sts. Then obviously other side of neck works the same. My
problem is I can not keep the slp sts in a line as the pattern shows

You’re not going to be able to continue to follow the pattern as written because of the decreases. The best way to work the pattern is to look at the rows below and use them as a guide to the current row. It may mean only one slip stitch or fewer purl sts but looking at previous rows will help keep the pattern aligned.

Thank you very much x