Neckdown Cardigan

Here is a sweater I’ve been working on this summer. Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino (white)
The contrasting color is Needful Australian Merino sock yarn.
I just have to sew on the buttons. I’m not sure if those are the buttons I want to use.

That is just beautiful! :yay:

Oooooooohhh…I like! I love! Very nice work with the contrasting yarn, too!! Great job! You should be proud!
I just love Debbie Bliss yarns. They are all such good quality and so distinct, too. Nothin’ ho-hum!

What a great looking sweater!

Beautiful! It looks so soft and warm. Love the colors. Great work.

Lovely, lovely sweater!! As someone said, it looks so soft and cozy. I love the way you used your colors. The knitting looks very fine, but with sock weight yarn it’d have to be. Beautiful job.

that is just sooooo pretty


looks great, good job

:happydance: very pretty, it looks wonderful!

Very pretty :slight_smile:

I love the colorway on the sock yarn as a contrast to the sweater. Great job!


That’s really gorgeous! All you need is a tam to match and a seat outside a Parisian bistro.

Great job! It turned out beautiful!