I’m knitting the vest top in King Cole Tropical Beaches, pattern 5888. I’ve never done a neckband before & need help!
The pattern says cast on 17sts then ‘fasten off at left side of front neck, pick up & knit 10 sets. I don’t know what fasten off means. I’ve Google it & it says fasten off is cast off but that doesn’t make sense🤔

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Fasten off usually means to pull the yarn or yarn tail through the single final stitch. It might be after a cast off but it’s most often used after armhole and neck shaping result in a single remaining stitch.

I wonder if it isn’t the latter meaning here. Perhaps fasten off the last stitch from the left side, cast on the 17sts and continue to pick up 10sts along the left side of the front neck. The 17 cast on sts may be for the shoulder as a connection between the front and back of this top. I’m really guessing here.

Thanks, I think it’s starting to make sense from what you’ve said. After casting the 17 on you then start at the neck point which ended with k2tog then fasten off

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That’ll work then pick up the 10sts and I assume the directions continue to pick up until a cast on for the other shoulder.

Yes that’s right :heart:

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