Neckband ribbing


I am almost finished with a James C Brett pattern JB491 and am on the rib for the neckband. the neckband rib doesn’t look the same as the bottom ribbing. (both 2x2 rib).
After picking up stitches for the neckband the next step says Next Row: Knit.
Commencing with 1st row of 2x2 rib work 6 rows.
I took that to mean after picking up the stitches to knit the next row then start the ribbing in the following rows but it looks like the neckband rib may be reversed. How can i fix it by ripping out and not lose stitches or should I let it go.


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K2 x P2 ribbing should look the same no matter. I’m not sure what you mean by the ribbing looking reversed? Can you post a photo of the neckband? Use the landscape icon in the middle of the Reply box top banner to upload the photo.


Thanks for your reply. I will try to post the photo. I decided to leave the neckband as it is instead of ripping it back to where I picked up the stitches.



The neckband looks very neat but it looks like knit every row instead of k2, p2 rib. I don’t see the columns of Vs that I would expect for the knit sts on the RS rows. Usually you would look at the previous row and knit the Vs and purl the bumps to keep the rib columns aligned.


I know it looks like that but I didn’t. Weird. Obviously either I did something wrong or the pattern is wrong. i checked online for corrections to the pattern. The bottom band and cuffs are perfect ribbing.
Thank you for looking at it…I am a self taught knitter and started about 11 years ago so I am always looking for advice. I seem to be drawn into these lovely sweater patterns for the grandchildren.


What I’m wondering is if you are exactly following the rows for ribbing as written or if you are looking at the knit sts and purl sts from previous rows. If you look at the Vs and bumps, the ribbing columns will align. If your stitch count is off but you follow the written directions, you may not get that nice alignment.


You must be right about my starting point for the rib.