Neckband ribbing help


Could anyone help me pick apart this part of the pattern?
I am adding the ribbing to the neckline


You’re going to be picking up the given number of sts for your size. Work around the neckline either picking up or knitting across held sts.
Here’s a couple of videos for working this that may help.

You can pick up all these sts as knit sts and then work them in ribbing on the next row. It helps to mark off sections to keep on track to pick up the correct number of sts. You don’t have to hit the total number exactly but you do want to come very close and be able to work the ribbing (so your sts should be divisible by 2 for 1x1 rib or by 4 for 2x2 rib).

ok thankyou,

So once i have picked up the stitches do i just do a knit row?

The pick up including the knit across the sts on hold constitutes the knit row. On the next row, row 2. start the ribbing.

got it thankyou