Neckband problem



I am knitting the Rabbit Trim Sweater in Moda Issue 6 Colour 4 Me 8 ply and having a problem with the neckband.

The requirement is to work on 107 stitches (size 4), after following the pattern including the garter stitch etc. I have 67 stitches on the finished article as per the pattern. I have a very small neckband that will not go around the neck of the whole garment – it barely fits the front. Could you please advise what I am doing wrong……

Many thanks.


Jenny Rockliff


Is the neckband knit separately or as part of the sweater? Can you quote just the directions for the neckband? Don’t post a large part of the pattern due to copyright, please.


Thank you for your reply. I have just heard back from the pattern company and they advised that the original print had the wrong needle size and have told me to use bigger needles. I don’t think this will make a lot of difference so will make Two neck bands and see if this works. The neckband was separate and only had 107 stitches (then decreased down to 67 stitches!!) so no way would this go around the whole sweater… I will post on here how it goes. Thanks :slight_smile: