Neckband for baby hat


So I am making a baby sweater, hat and booties for a friends baby. The hat is made and sewn together. It has a paten that gives almost a wavy edge to the bottom. Now the instructions say to make a neckband. I am a little confused bout how to do this. So here are the instructions

“Pick up and knit 60 sts across lower edge.
Row 1:, Knit working 2 sts tog 4 times in center back.
Row 2: Knit, working the first 2 sts tog, the last 2 sts tog and 2 sts tog twice in center back
Row 3: Knit, working the first 2 sts tog, the last 2 sts tog and 2 sts tog once in center back. Cast off. Sew on ribbon ties.”

I am a very confused about whether I am supposed to pick up stitches all along the border underneath? And how do I decide where to start as the hat is sewn together (the prior instructions said to sew them). Also the lower edge of the hat was knitted with 76 sts. And won’t this mess up the curved wavy edge?

Help. I can try to attach a picture of the hat is possible.

Thanks so much


Good questions. A picture might help. Is this pattern somewhere on the internet where we could look at it? Is it like a bonnet? It sounds like you would pick up 60 of the 76, leaving the others open, I think that would be the face opening. It seems the stitches would affect the waviness somewhat, but only 3 rows may not change it entirely. I’d center the seam so that it is in the middle of the back after picking up the 60.


It is from the Pattern a Day knitting calender 2007. "Rainbow Set June 16th and 17th.

It is a bonnet. I am attempting to attach a pic.

It looks like a hat already. :slight_smile: But I guess it will look like a bonnet if you follow the directions. I think my understanding of it was right. You pick up 60 leaving the front 16 for the face. The repeated k2togs will cause it to gather a little and become more of a bonnet. Then you add ribbon ties. Those extra 3 rows are worked only over the 60 back stitches, working back and forth.

If you hold up the bonnet on your fist with the lacy edges surrounding the ‘face’. There should be a plain place where you pick up the stitches for the neckband around your wrist.

ETA: It would be on the right in your picture. If it’s already sewn, you need to take out that sewing.

I looked at the picture and thought the same as Ingrid. The right side on the pic should be open and that is where you pick up the stitches. The fancy edge goes around the face.

Okay, that makes sense. When I looked at the picture I thought it was round like a hat. I didn’t see that it is open along that edge. The gal was looking at it as the wavy part being the bottom and she had me looking at it that way too. LOL With realizing that it is open on the right, it looks like a bonnet. :slight_smile:

I hope it was too late at night for you to do what I suggested and foul it up. Sorry.

Duh that makes sense. Now I get it!!! Thanks a lot. I think I got confused by the fact that the author told us to sew the back seam together and so I sewed the whole thing and assumed the lacy edge was around the face. Oh well will have to undo some stitching but no problem. Thanks again