Neckband dilemma

I have knitted my first sweater and so far it has gone really well…until now :wall: :wall:

The pattern us Hayfield 00317. I’m really stuck. The pattern states:

Join right shoulder seam. With Rs facing and using 5.5 needles and mc, pick up and knit 19 stitches down left side of neck, knit across 14 sts at centre front (I have these on a needle holder) , pick up and knit 19 sts up right side of neck then knit across 30 sts for back neck. 82 sts. (I have 30 sts on the back on a needle holder) work 8 cms in rib. Cast off looskyin Riga join left shoulder seam.

I joined the right seam, then I picked up 19 on the left, knitted 14 on the needle holder at centre front then picked up 19 at the right. It’s here it falls apart. There is a huge amount of excess sweater at the back before I should knit the 30 stitches. I have already unpicked the right seam and it still looks as though there is a big discrepancy between the front shoulder seam and the back.

I’m at the stage of just ripping it out but I really want to knit sweaters and the patterns I have seem to have the same method.

If needed I can post a photo of the neck. I just don’t know where the extra has come on the right back. If I look at the left side, both back and front match. If I pin where the right and left neck shoul knit I have this 3 inches of excess at the back right shoulder.

Help please.

Hi and welcome!
If there’s a gap between the shoulder seam and the held sts for the back neck, you may need to look at the directions for the back decreases at the neck edge. After you put the 30sts on the holder, read the directions again and see how many rows you should have between the held sts and the shoulder bind off. That’s likely where the mistake is (if indeed there is a mistake).
One other thing to check is that you’re holding the stitch holder with the 30sts up to the correct height. Don’t mistake a gap created by the slight pull between these sts and the shoulder rows. That can make a gap look larger than it really is.
About how long is the gap? If it’s not too big, you could pick up an extra couple of sts and still be ok.
A photo would probably help too.

You’ve come this far, so I’m sure you’ll be able to finish this off.

Thanks so much. I will take a photo tomorrow and post it. I have counted and counted and it still looks off somehow. I have put it down for tonight as there’s no point in getting more frustrated. The left side matches beautifully but the right is awful. Bleh
I’ll get back tomorrow.

Thanks again, it makes me a bit more positive that I might not have to rip it all out.

Finally managed to pick it up again. I’ve gone back to the pattern and it seems that I have followed it.
I’ve attached a couple of photos, apologies for the poor quality but it does show the excess that seems to be at the back.

I’m quite despondent as I have some lovely sweater patterns and most want to do the neckline the same way. I’ve also got the wool as I got a really good deal. I just need to master this part.

I also haven’t pressed it, should I do that before making up?

The photos are fine. I want to make sure that I understand. The photos are showing the sweater from the front? The needle has the 52sts for the neckband on it and the pink holder is the back neck held sts.
Is the problem that the shoulder seams won’t match up? Are there more sts on the back shoulder than on the front? Or is it that the back shoulder shaping is longer on one side, in other words the neck edge is longer on the back?
I keep wanting to pick up the sweater and take a look at the back. It’s lovely knitting so far. If it’s wool, you could wait till you solve this problem and then block the front and back together. Usually you would do the pieces separately but this will work.

Thanks again. Sorry I’m not very clear.
The pattern said to join the right side shoulders which I did
The view is from the front. I have picked up and knitted 19 sts down the left side of the neck, knitted 14 sts that were on a holder at the centre front and then knitted 19 sts up right side.

The pattern then says knit across 30 sts for back neck to make 82 sts. I have the 30 sts for the back neck on the stitch holder.

When I followed the pattern I could see that there seemed to be a discrepancy between the front and back. If I had knitted the back 30 there was a 3 inch gap after where the right shoulder seams were joined. The back seemes to be wider as the photo shows. I then unpicked the right shoulder seam where the pattern had told me join them.
I hope that this makes sense. It’s one of these things that I wished I had learned when mum was alive.

OK, I just wanted to make sure I understood. You described it very clearly. It seems that you have more sts for one shoulder than for the other. The shoulders on the left and right should be equal and usually they are the same as the sts for the front shoulders. If that isn’t the case and apparently there are more sts on one back shoulder than the other, the easiest thing to do may be to take out the bind off and re-do the last few rows of the back. See if you can make the shoulders close to the width of the front shoulders but maybe slightly wider.
Then the held sts for the back neck will also increase to take up some of the extra sts. When you go to knit the sts on the back for the neckband, you can k2tog in a couple of places to get the stitch count close to 30 across the back.

Many thanks.

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