Neck Warmer Pattern Needed

Got great idea for Christmas presents. Neck warmers, which is great for me, less to knit for more people. Anyone know of a simple pattern that has a hole in it so the item does not have to go over someones head?

I think this one is awesome…you don’t have to use handspun: Smoke Ring

There’s this one that I just finished knitting:

a few options?

I love this one…and so easy…


Since you do not want an neck gaiter, are you looking for a short key-hole scarf kind of look?

I made a key-hole scarf last year, you could easily make it shorter to more “neckwarmer” less scarf.

Also, if you are looking for something a little more girly… the Airy Scarf in Last Minute Knitted Gifts is pretty and quick.



That sounds good![/B]

This free pattern of neckwarmer has buttons to close its tube shape. I hope it is a useful addition to all the suggestions this post already gathered.

You should have enough choice to make everyone on your list a different model. :hug: