Neck tooo small :(

Hi - I’m Trish and live in Jersey, CI. Retired a year ago and taken up knitting. Help ( already :frowning: ) …I have knitted 3 sweaters for my Grandsons and all 3 dont go over their head :frowning: What am I doing wrong ? I have had to unpull the front and make it deeper. I measured and thought 20 rows would be deep enuf but no !! How do I know when to divide for the front so that I know it will go over !! I usually do an extra 10 rows once I reknit and that seems fine but oooh the trauma !!! Thank yu to all yu experienced knitters, grateful for any help.

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It sounds like you’ve figured out exactly the correct thing to do, extend the neck so the sweater fits over the head.
You might also look at the needle that you’re using for the ribbing at the neck. Maybe instead of going down a needle size as some patterns recommend, stay with the needle used for the body of the sweater. The other place to be careful is in the bind off. Sometimes it helps to use a larger size needle in the right hand during the bind off in order to ensure a loose bind off. There are also very stretchy bind offs that add more yarn into the bind off.

You don’t want to annoy the the children with tight necks! I’ve learned this from my own children. When all else failed, I opened the shoulder and made a buttonhole band to extend the opening for the head.


Thank u so much. It’s such a pain to pull out. I just wish I knew how deep to make it so I wouldn’t have to unravel ! Nope, kids def don’t like tight over the head jumpers, thats for sure. Thanx again :slight_smile:

You might looks at the dimensions on this sweater which comes in a variety of sizes.
Maybe it would be a good guide. I’ve made it and the sizing especially the neck works.
There’s also an Ann Budd book with dimensions for different sizes that may be helpful. My public library carries it.

Thanks…that looks really helpful. Our library is closed :frowning: If the wool doesnt match the pattern, would that be my problem ? I did a tension square and it was fine. Thanx again.

I am also going to stick with the bigger needle :slight_smile: when doing the neck ribbing. It all helps hey !!

If you’re getting the pattern gauge and you’re happy with the feel of the knit fabric (not too tight and stiff or too loose and lacy) then substituting yarn isn’t a problem.

Ok, thanx… :slight_smile: I was wondering if circular needles would help doing the neck. I have always done the whole neck but now I have to do front and back seperately as the needles cant stretch round with all the sts :frowning: Maybe I should just stick to reading !!!

I usually use a 16" needle for the neck and work it in one circle. If you’re going to use a straight needle or a longer circular, leave a shoulder or back raglan seam open but add in 2sts for the seam.
If you work the front and back separately (2 seams required) be sure to add the extra seams sts at each seam.

Super, thanx…I have the 16in in the basket…ready to order. Thank yu so much for yr help. Feeling hopeful again !!

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Let us know how it goes! Enjoy finishing up on your sweaters.

I sure will…not a fast knitter so wont be for a while !! Circulars coming next week :slight_smile:
Thanx again.

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Hullo - me again :frowning: I had to undo a bit of the back. If I leave 36 sts in the middle iso 28…will that make a huge difference do yu think ? I thought it might make the neck a bit wider. So the shoulder cast off will be fewer sts. I will def do a V neck next !! I might need therapy after this :frowning:

I know what you mean. I switched to making cardigans as gifts in order to avoid any problem.
Leaving 36sts should be more than enough to give you the opening that you need. The neckband always draws this in a bit so don’t worry if the opening looks a bit too big.

Thanks…I had also thought about cardigans ! But then theres the band for the buttons…sigh and sigh ! I’m not giving up…yet !! About to divide for the neck…again !! Watch this space…

Hullo again :slight_smile: I have just sewn the neck and success at last ! A trick my s-in-law told me…if it goes over yr head, then yu know it will go over the kids head !! V necks from now on…round necks are just too stressful :frowning: Thanx again for yr help.


Well done! Great perseverance.