Neck too small for head

Merry Christmas to all…
Some of you might remeber I was nervous finishing my projects, well I have completed on of my sweaters.

The issue I have is the neck (turtle) is soooooo tight to get over the head.
Is there a cast off that has some stretch to it as I only know the basic cast off…

If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.

My mom taught me to use a larger needle to cast off where you need to cast off loosely. That way, if you are like me and cast off really tight, you are on a looser needle. One size up is usually enough.

Try using a crochet hook to cast off instead then you can control how tight you pull the stitches, or bigger needles as Crycket said.

Silver recommends the sewn bind off on her sock tutorials as being nice and stretchy :slight_smile:

I recently used the Russian Bindoff on the turtleneck of a sweater and it has worked out nicely and looks good.

On your cast-off row: K2tog, put stitch back on left needle, K2tog, put stitch back on left needle… repeat until there are no more stitches left.


I understand there are some native folks in South America that are pretty good at shrinking heads. :teehee:

From what I’ve read the sewn bind off is quite stretchy.