Neck - shoulder shaping on sleeveless sweater

I’m knitting a sleeveless sweater from the bottom and I finished the back with simple short row shaping for the shoulders. I am to the FRONT neck shaping, where it is telling me “on RS rows work 2 sts less 6 times”. After this I work short rows for the shoulder shaping, and I know how to do this. But what does “work 2 sts less” mean? Do I knit two stitches together? Where do I do this? At the yarn over? UGgg, any help is really appreciated!

My guess would be that you decrease one stitch on each side of the neck–that’s what you usually do for neck shaping.

Ingrid, thanks. I understand what you are describing. THANK YOU!

As soon as I posted this I sat back and tried to figure this out logically, not thinking about the pattern. I think the directions are specifically to working short rows- I work 29 stitches, then two stitches less (i.e. 27,then 25,then 23) 6 times.

What makes this so confusing is that the neck shaping for the back was described differently, but it really is the same.

Is it true that all it takes is posting a challenge for everyone to see to solve my problems??

That’s so often true! When you have to choose the right words to explain your confusion, you often explain it to yourself!