Neck Shaping -

Hi -

I am making a cable sweater and am at the point where I am shaping the neck. The pattern calls working 2 sides in parallel with stitches on a holder in the middle. I establish this by working RS (100 stitches total) 35 stitches in patter, placing 30 on a holder, and working the remaining 35 stitches with another ball of yarn
I am now on the WS…and it is asking me to decrease one stitch at the necks edge ever row 4x. My question is what is the best method to use on the WS? and what is the inverse for the RS?
I know there is some ‘preference’ here but I have no preference and am looking for some guidance.

Many thanks in advance -much appreciated

Usually I like the line of decreases to follow the edge of the neckline even if they are knit one or two sts inside the neckline. So on the left front I do a k2tog on the RS and purl2tog on the WS (both are right leaning). For the right front, I use a ssk on the RS and a purl2tog tbl on the WS.
There are certainly other ways to do these decs but those are my favorites.

thank you - appreciate your help.