Neck shaping

hi all, am knitting my first patterned baby jumper and am nt sure how to do the neck, the pattern is from uk
so far ive managed to shape the armholes and now the next part sas shape neck? lol it says next row: patt 17 sts turn and work on these stitches only
**next row patt to end .
work 8 rows dec one st at neck edge every row.9 sts continue without further shaping untill arm hole messures same as back.
does this mean to but the pattern stitches on a seperate needle and just work on them,or do have to do the whole row and just decrease stitches at the ends hmm i get confused very easy lol

Work over 17 sts in the pattern, then turn and work back to the end of the row on the WS. Then starting with the RS row, dec a st at the neck edge (where you turned) and on every row for 8 rows. You have 9 sts left and then work them until it’s the same length as the armhole on the back.

Leave the rest of the sts on the end of the needle and just ignore them, or put them on a stitch holder. You’ll get back to them when this shoulder is finished.

thank you for this i will try again in the morning x