Neck shaping


Left Front Neck Shaping
Row 1 (right side): K 13(15:17), p 3, k 3, turn (leaving rem sts on needle unworked).
Row 2: P 3, k 3, purl rem sts.
Row 3: (dec row) Knit to last 8 sts, k 2 tog, P 3, k 3.
Rep last 2 rows until 12( 13: 15) sts remain, ending with Row 2. Then work even, keeping sts in patt as set, until front measures 21(21-1/2:22)" from cast-on edge, ending with a wrong-side row.

Now when I do row 2 do I purl all the stiches on the circular needle back to the middle of the V or just back to the begining of that row?
For row 3 how do I decrease the row?


You’re working only one side at a time, so only work the stitches on the one side of the v neck. The other side of the neck get done later.

So for row 2, just work that one side to the v neck.

On row three, toward the end there is a k2tog. That is your decrease. Knit two stitches together as one.