Neck shaping


What does it mean when a pattern tells you to “turn” (leaving rem sts on needle unworked) :thinking:

Pattern I am following is at:


Just turn your work as if you finished the row and start knitting as if you did. You’re doing a ‘short row’ which means you’re putting more rows of knitting in one section than in the rest.

hmmmm :thinking:
I still dont get it!
Do you mean turn the needles around so I am looking at the wrong side of the knitting? But them the yarn will be on the left side…

Looking at the pattern again, you’re dividing the neck. So you’re knitting the 13 stitches from the arm edge to the middle of the cable. Then you turn your work around as if you finished the row. Your yarn will be on the left needle as it is when you start any new row. The stitches left on the needle will be for the other side of the neck/shoulder. Many patterns have you put the unworked stitches on a holder, but this just leaves them on the needle to be worked later.

By doing it this way, you will be creating the two halves of the v-neck.

Ohhh! ok! I think I get it now! I will follow your directions and hope it all becomes clearer to me!
I will no doubt call again :rollseyes: