Neck Shaping

Okay, I’m up to the neck shaping and very confused now. I’ve done the decrease and go to where the pattern says this:
"Shape Neck: At the beg of next row P 4 sts and sl these sts onto a holder, P to end of row. Continue to dec 1 st at arm edge in same mannger as before 6 times more and at the same time, at neck edge bind off 2 sts 3 times. Sl remaining 2 sts onto a holder."
I got to the purl 4 sts and slthem onto a holder, and P to end of row. That’s when I stop. I’m now on the knit side, right? I dec as before but what is the “at the same time, at neck edge bind off 2 sts 3 times”? I don’t understand this.

You’ve been decreasing at the arm edge–now it’s time to also decrease at the neck edge. So continue decreasing the arm edges as you have been, AND when you are on rows that start at the neck edge, bind off 2 stitches 3 times. You do it when you are at the beginning of the row since you can’t bind off at the end.

I sort of understand, but why did I put 4 stitches on a marker? Am I going to bind off two of the stitches? What about the last two stitches? I’m not understanding what to do with the 4 stitches on the marker.

I said “markers” but I meant holders. There are 4 stitches on a holder. If I bind off two of them, there are still 2 left on the holder. What do I do with them?

My guess is that the four stitches are going to be incorporated into the collar stitches. Read ahead in the pattern for the collar or finishing and see what it says about these. Probably you’ll put them back on the needle, pick up stitches around and knit the collar.

I think you posted about the marker/holder at the same time as I did.

Don’t bind off the stitches on the holder–bind off the first stitches after the holder.

My goodness, Ingrid. You must think I am a complete idiot. I went ahead in the pattern and yes, the stitches on the holder are to be used later.

I’m so embarrassed. :oops:

Good gracious! Don’t be embarrassed!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this. In fact on the sweater I’m knitting now, I neglected to make the back neck shaping–didn’t read ahead to the AT THE SAME TIME. I left it as it was. Stuff happens! :wink: